Greece Becoming One with EU Painful and Humilitating: Greece Stripped of EU Voting Rights

Membership in the European Union (EU) has turned painful and humiliating for Greece. The country has been stripped of it’s EU voting rights until it gets it’s financial house in order. A question to citizens: how’s that start on a One-World-Government, and the Euro working out for ya now?

 European Union Member States

I get it. The EU may help Greece come out of an economic earthquake, but what about sovereignty? Does sovereignty exist in the EU? Does anyone care anymore?

The EU demands internationalism, not nationalism – because they claim “solidarity as members of the human race.”

Concepts of “shared sovereignty,” “pooled sovereignty”
and “joint national sovereignties” are covers for having one’s laws and
policies decided by European Union bodies one does not elect, which are
not responsible to one’s own people and which can have significantly
different interests from them.

In practice countries and peoples which surrender
their sovereignty to the EU become ever more subject to laws and
policies that serve the interests of the bigger EU States.

 From OpenEuropeBlog: Angela Merkel called for EU intervention in December 2009:

As German daily Handelsblatt notes:
“until now, Germany had always defended national economic sovereignty
and rejected stronger European coordination of economic policy in the
Eurozone”. The German Chancellor, says the article, is conscious that
any such moves “would diminish the national sovereignty of member

Euro Symbol

This from the book Britain in the European Union Today by Duncan Watts:

The most obvious constitutional change brought about by membership of the EU is …a surrender of the UK’s parliamentary sovereignty to the primacy of Community law.

The Telegraph published a telling view of the EU in July 2007 about the effect of the Lisbon Treaty, which took was signed in December 2007 and went into effect in December 2009. The Lisbon Treaty replaced the EU Constitution, but kept much of the Constitution’s tenents. The article points out that Gordon Brown “hid the fact” that the new treaty means “transfers of sovereignty” from Britain.

Luxembourg’s Jean-Claude Juncker said Brown was right to hide the loss from the people/

Britain is different. Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty.
But would I be intelligent to draw the attention of public opinion to
this fact?”…

There is a single legal personality for the EU, the primacy of European
law, a new architecture for foreign and security policy, there is an
enormous extension in the fields of the EU’s powers, there is Charter
of Fundamental Rights,” he said, listing elements of the old
constitution in the proposed treaty.

The European Union, duplicated on a much larger scale through the United Nations, is the secret dream, stewing in its own juice until world leaders like Barack Obama can bring their plans for a one-world-government to fruition. If you have doubts, educate yourself on Senator Barack Obama’s senate bill 2433, posing as a companion bill to the UNMDG, to eradicate poverty, through adherence to the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goal (UNMDG). Be afraid. Be very afraid. Read The Evil in Senate Bill 2433. This is all part of a much grander scheme. Europe is showing the way…the wrong way.