David Benke Tackles Gunman at Deer Creek Middle School: Bruco Strongeagle Eastwood is Colorado School Shooter?

A man with a “big gun” appeared on the school ground at Deer Creek Middle School in Littleton, Colorado as students prepared to board an after-school bus. Allegedly, Bruco Strongeagle Eastwood shot two students before math teacher, Dr. David Benke, tackled and disarmed him. One student remains in critical condition this morning. See a video below.

Dr. David Benke – Deer Creek Middle School

Two students were injured: Matt Thieu, 14, received a gunshot wound to the chest. Reagan Weber, 13, was shot in the arm. Matt Thieu is in critical condition. Ms. Weber was treated and released from the Littleton Adventist Hospital. Thie was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Denver.

Eastwood, 32, is a convicted felon and is believed to be a former student at Deer Creek Middle School. A yearbook photo shows Bruco Eastwood in 1992. He has a long rap sheet including arrests for domestic violence, DUI, motor vehicle theft and “menacing. His father, War Eagle Eastwood says his son has led a troubled life and “hears voices,” and talks back to the voices. 

According to the Colorado Bureau of
Investigation, he has been arrested at least nine times. Besides
intermittent stints in jail, he has lived in Hudson, Commerce City and
Federal Heights, records show.

 Eastwood also has been a defendant in
civil lawsuits, including one in which his horses roamed onto Interstate
76 and caused an accident with injuries. 

Steve Potter, a Deer Creek bus drive witnessed Dr. Benke taking the shooter down, and rushed to help.

Dr. Benke was out there at the time the school
was being let out. It looked to me like he heard the shot and decided to
react accordingly,” Steve Potter told FOX31 News. “There was a little
bit of a wresting match for about 5 seconds or so,” before Benke had
disarmed the gunman, Potter said.

Potter, who also helped subdue the gunman after Benke tackled
him, said the suspect was rambling incoherently as they held him down.

“He was uttering some obscenities here and there, but nothing
that made a whole lot of sense to me.”

Updates on the Deer Creek shootings as available.