Commenting with JS-KIT – Echo at Maggie’s Notebook

I know the switch to JS-KIT and Echo’s commenting service has been painful. Snarky at Feed Your ADHD put up a guide for his readers.

Here is how The Snark explained it:

Hey, folks. I’ve been noticing that many of you haven’t been taking
advantage of the JS-KIT commenting widget. It’s actually quite easy to
use, and if you either sign up for a JS-KIT ECHO account or sign in
using one of your other social media accounts, you’ll be able to load
your avatar AND a link to your site.

Just click on FROM and select the service you want to use, or sign up for an ECHO account.

He also said not to be weary of your comments being tracked, because everything and everyone is tracked anyway. Sigh! Take a look at Snarky’s tips, complete with graphics and how to get your profile into Echo. I hope this helps. Let me know what you think.