Bill O’Reilly Obama Bashing and Socialism: Rush Limbaugh on O’Reillys Pandering

Bill O’Reilly discussed Obama Bashing and Socialism this week, and compared the Bush Bashing of the last administration, to that of what speakers at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) are doing this week in Washington, D.C. Rush Limbaugh worked this latest O’Reilly fetish into his program today. See two videos below.

Bill O’Reilly interviews Barack Obama

Does Obama Bashing accomplish anything, O’Reilly asked. One of his examples of bashing at CPAC, was Mitt Romney announcing that Lindsay Vonn lost her Olympic Gold Medal because Obama is going downhill faster than her. There were more pithy quips, but you get the idea.

O’Reilly is dead-on perfect when he talks about children, the crimes against children, the punishment of those who abuse children, and the judges who enable the abusers…there is nobody better than O’Reilly, but when he wants an interview with an important personage, he is tolerant of mammoth indecencies, and he desperately wants another interview with Barack Obama.

O’Reilly fails to grasp the urgency most of us feel about this President. He doesn’t see the edge of the precipice that you and I see looming. He doesn’t see Obama standing there, signing executives orders or worse, with Nancy and Harry, none-too-gently dragging us to the extremity of the world we know, where the President will plant his well-heeled size 12 Allen Edmonds on our posteriors, and tip us over into the spirit-stifling cosmos of socialism, where statist omnipotence cannot be escaped.

When O’Reilly speaks of Socialism, he characterizes it correctly, as you’ll see in the second video below, but he is far too mild about the dangers we face. He spends a lot of time talking about out-of-control government spending, but fails to tie it to the agenda of a committed Socialist, or worst. The two are not separate. Socialism depends on mammoth spending.

So here is where Rush Limbaugh comes in. Today a caller said she and her husband began listening to Limbaugh about one year ago when Barack Obama advised the country to stop listening to people like “Rush.”  You know how O’Reilly states his position, and then asks his guest where he is going wrong? Rush tries that with the caller, Sharon. She doesn’t play along well, but that isn’t important. Here is where Rush went with conversation:

RUSH [pretending to be O’Reilly]: Well, we just don’t like all this Obama bashing here at The Factor, that’s for these extreme right-wingers, this Obama bashing, it’s not productive, the Bush-bashing wasn’t productive.  We’re going to give socialism and the destruction of the country a fair examination, and if we determine that Obama’s destroying the country, we’ll report it fairly.

 Look, all I’m telling you is that we’ve gotta give socialism a fair shake for the folks, I’m not going to sit here and condemn it like these right-wingers are.  We’ve gotta give socialism a fair shake, and we here at The Factor are going to give socialism, even communism, a fair shake.  We’ll do an in-depth investigation, and we’ll report back because we’re not knee-jerking, and we are looking out for you, the folks.

So, I’m not the only one that loathes O’Reilly’s faux pandering, in the name of enlightened wisdom. He simply sounds foolish these days.

The first video below is O’Reilly on Obama Bashing and the second on Socialism, sans alarm bells.

Also of interest are O’Reilly’s views on gun confiscation and the Second Amendment:

Bill O’Reilly – Obama Bashing

Bill O’Reilly – Socialism