Awadh Binhazim, Vanderbilt Muslim Chaplain Believes Homosexuals Should Be Put to Death Video

Dr. Adwahd Binhazim, a Muslim Chaplain at Vanderbilt University, speaking from the Vanderbilt campus, is asked if he believes that practicing homosexuals should be put to death.

Binhazim says he has no choice in accepting or rejecting the law: Islam teaches that the punishment for homosexuality is death. He immediately says it is the same under Judeo- Christian understanding, as well. See the video below.

The questioner at this “Being Muslim in the Military” event makes it clear to Binhazim that there is no punishment of death for homosexuality in Christianity or Judiasm.

For every Westerner believing that there is such a thing as a lawful, moderate Muslim, think again. Muslim clerics (chaplains) are leaders among their people. Islam is both a religion and a government. They are one and the same, and clerics, imams, chaplains – they tell their congregations what to do, and unlike Christianity, where you can leave a church sanctuary, and do what you want, it is not the same in Islam. In the end, the man who attend a mosque will do what the cleric tells him/her to do.

If you are gullible enough, you’ll shake this off and not believe it, but the truth is…it’s true, just as it is true that the Koran teaches death to every, single living infidel.

Thanks to Sense of Events, and Larwyn’s Linx.

Muslim Chaplin Belives Homosexuals Should Be Kiled (video)