YaVaughnie Wilkins is Charles E Phillips Scorned Mistress? Charles E. Phillips is Obama Advisor

YaVaughnie Wilkins allegedly kept very close company with Charles E. Phillips, a wealthy Obama adviser. Phillips is said to be married, but not to Wilkins. After Phillips dumped her, Wilkins posted billboards of her and Wilkins at a much happier time…three in New York and one each in Atlanta and San Franciso.

 Charles E. Phillips – YaVaughnie Wilkins

Charles Phillips, 50, is the Chief Executive of software giant, Oracle, and is a member of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Ms. Wilkins is 41, a writer and actress.

Phillips admitted to an 8-1/2 year affair with Wilkins, and friends say he “portrayed himself as having been legally divorced in 2003.” Phillips is back home living with his wife, Karen, and 10-year- old son.

Tsarinamisha, who claims to be a
‘close friend’ of the couple,’ wrote on Gawker’s website: ‘I can assure
you he portrayed himself as having been legally divorced in 2003.

‘Their closeness and the fact that their relationship was very public led no one to believe otherwise.
‘They attended family and professional events as a couple, lived together for eight years and bought a home about two years ago.

‘I was a guest at numerous of their parties and he introduced her to numerous people, including his son, as his girlfriend.’