White House Secret to Get Single Payer – Congress Abdicates Power to Executive Branch

On the heels of two articles by Jim Simpson at The Examiner detailing Universal Voter Fraud Registration to steal your vote, BigGovernment’s SusanAnne Hiller explains how a single-payer health care plan will come to be. Congress will abdicate some of their power to the Executive Branch, and it can be done even if health care legislation fails.

It all has to do with stealing the authority to manipulate your social security and the path to do that is written into the health care bill. If the bill fails, nevermind, there are two pieces of legislation waiting in the wings to transfer Medicare out of Social Security and into the hands of the Executive Branch.

The deliberate setup for the White House power grab is built into the
each of the health care bills and, if they fail, little-known twin
bills called “MedPAC Reform of 2009” are waiting in the wings.  The
bills, S.B. 1110 and H.R. 2718,
craftily amend the Social Security Act and transfer the Medicare
guideline and rule setting processes, from the legislative branch to
the executive branch.  These bills offer cover to one another in case
one doesn’t pass the House or Senate, respectively.  Remember,
Democrats need to gain executive branch authority by amending the
Social Security Act over Medicare regulations and physician fee
schedules to transform the health care system in a single-payer,
socialized system.

More importantly, Medicare’s regulations and physician fee schedules
are the keystone to developing payer systems and reimbursement models
across the entire health care industry.  And where Medicare goes,
insurers follow.

Not wary yet?

Specifically, the language in the Reid bill intentionally places
unlimited power directly in the hands of Health and Human Services
(HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, including the ability to designate
covered services, or rationing.  The Pelosi bill creates a Health
Choices Commission and its “commissioner” is empowered to make the same
decisions.  More alarming, both will have to take direction from the
White House–and its unconfirmed czars–due to their executive branch

 After a thorough overview of exactly what is going on, Hiller says:

In any of these legislative scenarios–Pelosi, Reid or MedPAC bills–the
White House gets the power it seeks–and needs–in order to accomplish
the task at hand–a single payer, government-run health system.

Read the story at BigGovernment. Get on the phone and ask your Congressmen if they know about the provisions in the health care bill, and if they know about S.B. 1110 and H.R. 2718. Quite frankly, they probably do not. Read about Universal Voter Registration: What the Dems know that we don’t, here, here and here.