US Air Flight 3079 Bomb Scare: US Air Flight 3079 Orthodox Jew Prays onboard

US Air flight 3079 from New York Laguardia, bound for Louisiville, was diverted to Philadelphia after a male passenger removed “a religious device.” The “religious device” prompted a bomb scare although no other details are given. See update below:

The passenger is believed to be an orthodox Jew who began praying onboard. It is not clear whether the man was arrested. The incident aboard US Air 3079 is now deemed “not a threat.”

The passenger has been identifed as a 17 year old boy. He was using a tefillin, set of small balck boxes attached to leather straps and containing biblical passages:

Passengers aboard the flight were alarmed when they saw the devices and notified the plane’s crew.

The unidentified boy was traveling with his sister. They were never in custody, and were cleared to continue their travels.