United Flight 223 Passenger Disruptive: United Flight 223 Diverted: Passenger Tries to Open Aircraft Door

United Flight 223 departing Washington Dulles bound for Las Vegas on Saturday was diverted to Denver. A “scruffy and unkempt” man walked from the back of the plane, now flying at 30,000 feet, to the front. He knocked on the cockpit door and then tried to open an exterior door of the aircraft.

Passengers took the man down. A traveler in first class grabbed the man’s arms. According to witnesses, six or seven people helped subdue the disruptive passenger. He allegedly had several drinks and was seen taking pills. Passenger Ray Holloman described the man and the situation:

…as about 6′ 1″ and up to 270 pounds with blond hair and wispy facial hair. “He was a large guy and an unkempt guy,” he said.

Holloman said the man brought on two carry on bags: a black backpack and a brown bag.

He carried the brown bag with him to the front of the plane.

After the man was subdued, passengers and flight attendants started questioning him.

When he was asked what was in the bag, Sandou [passenger] said the man said, “You’ll see.”

 A passenger interviewed on FOXNews said the man thought he was on the wrong flight and he wanted off.

Law enforcement took custody of the man and he is being questioned. No word on an arrest.

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