Tim Geithner Funds Hamas: US Treasury Opens Avenue for Funding Hamas

If you have any doubt of this administration’s Muslim sympathies, you can lose that right now. The U.S. Treasury has allowed the terrorist organization, Hamas, to begin receiving funds from around the world, by removing all names of Hamas terrorists from the International terror list, except one, Musa Abu Marzouk. This was an unnecessary action, as an international lawsuit to stop this was a considered possibility.

The original report came from Arutz Sheva, an Israeli online news site. So far, blogs are hot on the story, but a search of Google News reveals no main stream media, anywhere, reporting. Thanks to Infidels are Cool for the heads up.

You might remember that Barack Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, printed Marzouk’s Palestinian manifesto in his Sunday church bulletin on July 10, 2007. Marzouk was arrested at JFK airport in July 1995, and eventually evicted from the country. He is an American-educated Ph.D. with many aliases, among them: Moussa Abu Marzouk, Musa Abu Marzuq, and Musa Abu Marzook. He is believed to be operating out of Damascus, but was born in Gaza. Marzouk’s terrorist connections are so obvious even Tim Geithner could not remove his name. How many American taxpayer dollars are streaming to Hamas bank accounts?

Here’s the Israeli media’s report. I hope you will read it all:

(IsraelNN.com) The United States Treasury has taken all but one
member of Hamas off the international list of terrorists, thus enabling
funds from the European Union to enter Hamas-controlled Gaza.

is an open secret that large sums of money from the EU flow into Gaza
in the guise of humanitarian aid and salaries for officials, but are
actually funneled into the coffers of Hamas, which controls Gaza with
an iron grip. This method of transferring funds into terrorists’ hands
could have been blocked by an international lawsuit, but according to
journalist Avi Tarango, the United States Treasury has made this
impossible by removing all but one Hamas man – Deputy Chairman of the
Political Bureau, Musa Abu Marzouk – from the list of international

The updated terrorist list, published last week, takes up 443 pages.
However, according to Tarango, who went over the list, none of the tens
of thousands of people who form Hamas is mentioned – other than Abu
Marzuk, who resides in Damascus. The terrorist list is meant for
distribution in the world banking system, where the transfer of funds
to anyone on the list is prohibited.

Cleared for FundingAbu
Marzouk is listed as having been born in Gaza on February 9, 1951, and
as bearing an Egyptian passport with the number 92/664. “While branches
of Hamas appear in the list under different names, such as ‘The
Students of Ayash,’ ‘The Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza,’ ‘The Iz A-Din
El-Kassam Battalions,’ the rest of Hamas’s men do not appear on the
list at all,” Tarango said.

“Musa Abu-Marzouk’s presence on the
list means that whoever tries to transfer money to him personally will
be rejected by the world banking system and be accused of funding
terrorism, but the transfer of funds to any other Hamas man will not
arouse suspicion,” he explained.

According to published reports
and other sources, the journalist said, the EU sends millions of Euros
every month to cover the salaries of 77,000 employees of the
Palestinian Authority and about 70,000 recipients of welfare aid in

 “EU laws define Hamas as a terror organization and
therefore the EU people need to verify on a name-by-name basis that
none of the people receiving salaries and support is a terrorist,”
Tarango said. “This is done by the EU’s cash transfer mechanism, PEGASE,
which verifies that none of the recipients of salaries are members of
Hamas’s police force or activists of the military wing of Hamas, by
comparing the names as received from the PA treasury department with
the list of international terror activists. However, since the
newly-updated list contains no Hamas officials except for Marzouk, the
European check will find nothing and the funds for Gaza salaries will
be transferred in whole to the Gaza banks.” 

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