Scott Ritter 15 Year Old Girl: Ritter Masturbates on Camera?: UN Weapons Inspector Ritter Child Sex Sting

An undercover child sex sting allegedly caught Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector, and columnist for al-Jazeera, conversing in an Internet chat room, and masturbating on camera for someone he thought was a 15-year-old girl.

This report says
Ritter was also charged in June 2001 in a NY sex sting but the case was
dismissed. That case involved child endangerment and attempting to meet
a 16-year-old girl at a restaurant. The New York post reported that
there was yet another incident in April 2001 involving a 14-year-old
but charges were not filed. Nothing but a child predator here if these charges are true. Think of those who never received justice for the crimes of Scott Ritter.

Ritter, 48, lives in Delmar, NY. He was a UN weapons inspector in Iraq until he quit under protest of the lack of U.N. action when Saddam Hussein threw the weapons inspectors out of the country. Ritter claimed Iraq had obstructed the UN work, and hid the necessary documentation and equipment to restart the program.  He was outraged that the CIA may have tried to infiltrate the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM), under which he worked, and use inspectors to gather intelligence.

Ritter outraged Americans when he joined al-Jazeera as a columnist, praised the Iraqi resistance, and suggested the only way out for America was to fail. As of December 2009 he was still writing for al-Jazeera, and in fact titled his article about Afghanistan, Our Murderers in the Sky.

This from FOXNews on February 15, 2005:

According to Mr. Ritter, “The highly vaunted U.S. military machine, laurelled and praised for its historic march on Baghdad (search)
in March and April of 2003, today finds itself a broken force, on the
defensive in a land that it may occupy in part, but does not control.”

Offering no proof whatsoever, Mr. Ritter accuses the U.S. of conspiring with Iraqi assassination squads (search),
and that, not foreign terrorists or former Saddam officials, is what
started the post-war violence in Iraq: “Having started the game of
politically motivated assassination, the U.S. has once again found
itself trumped by forces inside Iraq it does not understand, and as
such will never be able to defeat.”

As for the enemy, which he calls a “genuine
grassroots national liberation movement,” Ritter is generous: “History
will eventually depict as legitimate the efforts of the Iraqi
resistance to destabilise and defeat the American occupation forces and
their imposed Iraqi collaborationist government.”

At that time, BlackFive wrote “he’s a lying disgrace and his column could incite violence against Americans.

So this al-Jazeera columnist, Ritter, reportedly used the web I.D. “delmarm4fun,” and at least the first contact with the girl (cop) was in February 2009. The policeman told Ritter he was a 14 year old girl from the Poconos in Pennsylvania. He asked for a photo of the girl, known as “Emily.”

Ritter then sent a link to his Web camera and
began to masturbate while it was focused on his genitals, according to
the affidavit. The former U.N. official then allegedly provided his
cell phone number.

“He then continued to
masturbate on web cam and he again asked how old I was,” the affidavit
continued. “He was advised again that I was 15 years old. He said he
didn’t realize that I was 15 years old and turned off his web camera.
He stated that he didn’t want to get in trouble.”

then allegedly told the “girl” that he fantasized about having sex with
her, to which the officer replied, “guess u turned it off [no problem].”

then asked the girl if she “want[ed] to see it finish” before
reactivating his Web camera and ejaculating, the affidavit read.

Click here to read the criminal complaint.

Assuming Scott Ritter spends a good, longtime behind bars for attempting to corrupt, perhaps rape, at least molest a minor, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving UN worker, former employee or not. The culture of corruption within the U.N. is flagrant, and after raping, abusing and torturing children in vulnerable countries, while getting paid to be a peacekeeper, losing a job is usually the only punishment. Let’s hope Ritter’s outcome keeps him away from children for a very long time.