Sarah Palin a Vessel for Mounting White Discontent? Sarah Palin a Fame Monster?

An op-ed in the New York Times written by…hmmm, can’t recall his name, says Sarah Palin is a “vessel for mounting White discontent.” He also says Palin is a “fame monster.” What op-ed writer does not want to be famous? Doesn’t want to be sought out for opinions, quoted among an adoring public, invited to speak at prestigious venues? How many political writers would turn down an opportunity to be a vice-presidential candidate on a ticket with a man he/she greatly admires?

The writer is impressed that Sarah Palin is now a Fox News contributor. Her sound bites fit well there, her timing is impeccable. She can hone her limited skills in the company of a broadcaster which the writer believes caters to a 95+% white viewing audience.

The author is dismayed that a “plurality” of Whites consider George W. Bush a better president than Barack Obama. He thinks Whites who did vote for BO did it because he was “Negro-Lite.”

The man is clueless. At one time many of these
“Whites” would have voted for Colin Powell, but it took only a few
years to change their minds about the General. Today,
millions of us would cast a vote for Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell or
Herman Cain, and be grateful that we had the opportunity. Maybe we’ll see Col. Allen West running for president one day. Maybe we’ll hear more about Dr. Deborah Honeycutt, and Dr. Alveda King.

fact is, any thinking person wants to vote for a candidate with the
same love of tradition, values and common sense that we covet and plan
to safeguard. It is about what we believe, just as I assume, Mr. Blah blah blah,
that you are about what you believe. We have the opinions and beliefs of Justice
Thomas, Mr. Sowell and Mr. Cain in writing – something we did not have from
Barack Obama, other than the dreams of his father, and the audacity of
his hope. We read them. We understood them. We didn’t want any part of

The writer charges Palin with “baseless certitude” and “blind faith.”
Sarah Palin is the wrong person to accuse of having blind faith, and
isn’t it easy to talk about certitude in the context of nothing?

The editorial discusses not a single position that Sarah holds. It
refutes nothing. It points out nothing to confirm the writer’s own ‘baseless
certitude.” It is a small-minded, cheap shot wrapped up in all-too
familiar Black prejudice, political self-righteousness, and
nothing more.
Sarah Palin is a vessel for White discontent, then it is because she
displays a love of tradition, values and common sense – the same ones
we hold dear. But really, the vessel for white discontent is the ballot
box. Come election day, we’ll remember where to find it. We won’t need
anyone to sign us up to vote, or drive us to the polls. We revere that
fought-and-died for vessel. It is our vessel of discontent, and we will
use it well.