Rielle Hunter John Edwards Sex Tape: Rielle Hunter Restraining Order on Sex Tape

Rielle Hunter, the mistress of former Senator John Edwards, and the mother of Edwards’ two year old daughter, secured a restraining order against former Edwards’ aid, Andrew Young, who says he has a sex tape of Edwards and Hunter.

 Hunter admits there was a video:

According to an affidavit filed yesterday in North Carolina Superior
Court, Hunter reported that she was having an “intimate relationship”
with Edwards in 2006, and that the video was made around September of
that year (a copy of Hunter’s affidavit can be found below).

December 2006, Hunter recalled, she decided to destroy the video.
“Therefore I opened up the plastic casing of the miniDV cassette and
pulled out the tape contained therein. However, because I was concerned
that persons seeking information about my activities were or could be
searching my trash, I decided to instead store the remains of the
miniDV tape in a hatbox in which I stored other important personal
items in order to maintain possession and control over the Video.”

The video ended up in the hands of trusted aid, Andrew Young.

…Hunter asked him to retrieve her passport, which was stored in the hatbox.

 Andrew Young apparently has said the video was made while Hunter was pregnant.

Hunter wants the sex tape back.

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