Paul Ryan Questions Obama on Budget: Obama Runs for the Hills

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) questioned President Obama about the budget today at the Republican’s Balitmore Conference. The short story is, Ryan asked the President  how he justifies building-in an 84% increase to the 2009 budget, and then freezing the 2011 budget, on top of the increase.

Paul Ryan

The President tried to spin the increase as a function of “automatic stablizers” kicking in due to the “enormous recession,” and would have kicked in with any President. After a couple of pages of Obama’s response, Ryan ends with this:

RYAN: I would simply say that automatic stabilizer spending is
mandatory spending. The discretionary spending, the bills that
Congresses signs — that you sign into law, that has increased 84
percent. So . .

OBAMA: We’ll have a — we’ll have a longer debate on the budget numbers there, all right?

Ryan is smart enough no to hold his breath. Read the entire transcript here.

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