Newt Gingrich Top Contender for 2012? GOP – Don’t Even Think About It

Newt Gingrich believes he is one of the top contenders for the Republican candidate in the 2012 presidential race. This tells me that Newt will now take a hiatus from writing and hawking books.

I was huge fan of Newt’s brilliant brain until around April 2007 when I decided I would never vote for Newt, unless I was forced to do so, just as I so reluctantly voted for John McCain in 2008. Is Newt capable of standing up to Democrats and fearlessly point out the absurd? I don’t think so.

I echo Senator Jim DeMint. “We need some new Republicans!”

“I need
some new Republicans, people who believe in constitutional government,
a balanced budget and liberty and so I’m out across the country
recruiting new republicans who I think if they get here will not only
challenge the institutions of government but be willing to even
challenge the Republican Party and our leadership if they feel like
we’re going in the wrong direction. I think just a handful of new
Republicans in the senate could help change the direction.”

Newt is much of what DeMint lays out: Newt believes in constitutional government, balanced budgets and liberty, but Newt also loves to reach across the aisle and he values his friendships across the aisle, more than he values sound thought.

I have seen and heard Newt embrace Democrats as credible representatives for America far too many times. We need new Republicans who will not view Democrats as credible representatives, because the party no longer represents the Founding documents. It is that simple.

A few days after I wrote my first rant about Newt’s character failures, Thomas Sowell states:

“Only where it counts — in Washington — are conservatives tongue-tied.”

Newt is never tongue-tied when he appears on O’Reilly, Hannity or Greta, but when he is outside the FOX family, we cannot count on him to not extend his hand across the aisle to the worst of Congress. Whether it is John Kerry or Hillary Clinton, Newt is old politics. He cannot retrain his brilliant brain. He wants to scoop everyone up in his warm political embrace. That will not work when we face off against Democrats in 2012.

It takes a lot of energy, and causes a lot of pain to write about once-heroic Republicans, now turned to damaged goods. Doing so gives me a monumental headache. So I’m reposting the following thoughts about the Gingrich and Kerry, specifically about the debate on the environment, but in general, the overall problem with Newt. He spoke of his long relationship with the Senator and the extreme mental accuity of John Kerry. Really, did we need to hear that from one our leading Republicans, especially when the argument about the environment was, already back in 2007, obviously rife with fraud?

You see, Newt wants to have “interesting dialog;” he wants to discuss
“market oriented science,” and that’s all well and good – it’s a
discussion this country needs to have, but the Left intends to bring
America to its knees on this issue, fueled by the elite’s quest for
even more wealth, by manipulating the everyday habits of industrious

The Left has no interest in entrepreneurial-endeavors that expose the
folly of carbon offsets and such.
Newt, we watch you on talk shows, read your books – listen to your
every word. You tamp-down Democrat strategists with the ease of picking
lint. You are tough and calmly aggressive until…until…you pair up
with an elected politician.

Those leading, shaping and interpreting public policy should not shine
a light on personal friendships. When you do, we angst over it, for
recent history has not been kind to trusting Republicans who, daily,
watch the unthinkable parade in front of us.

We are not asking you to abandon the fine art of gentlemanship, but we are asking you to be fearless in revealing the absurd…

We want our finest conservatives to take-on “taking” the Left. We want
our conservative leaders to call them out, one-by-one, these rude,
mean-spirited, and dishonest politicians. If you personally like the
Left, fine – just don’t tell us about your buddyship until today’s dire
issues have the opportunity to be settled by conservative measures.
Then you can tell us how fine Senator John Kerry and his cohorts may be.

On a personal level, I concede that you think John Kerry is a swell
guy, but when you “speak” such validation – out-loud, it hurts the
conservative movement because the fence-sitter moderates look for the
easy way out, and the Democrat strategists quote you, just as they did
when you personally validated Hillary Clinton a few years ago.

It only makes sense that we need every honest advantage, and praising
the Left, when it’s not necessary, is to put your debate at risk. The
problem is, conservative debate is just too proper and vulnerable when
up against political friendships.

My message to all conservatives in the public arena today: Taking pride
in the conservative nature of accord just gets us into trouble. It
doesn’t work anymore. Don’t even think of telling us that you cannot
bring yourself “down” to their level – that you will not stoop that
low. Find a way to deal with these people. You’re either the person for
the job or you’re not.

If Gingrich does declare for the 2012 race, he will suck every dollar the GOP has from the race. The Grand Old Party is hungry for Newt. They think he is a sure thing. Wake up. Support someone outside the Beltway network, because that is our plan.

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