Netanyahu Plants a Tree: Israel in West Bank Forever

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “the message is clear – we are here and will remain here.” Then he planted trees along with Israeli’s living in Israel’s West Bank.

Netanyahu had met with Obama’s Middle East Envoy, George Mitchell, just prior to planting the trees and making his statement. Mitchell was sent to the Middle East, with offices and an entourage in Jerusalem, to move Israel to do whatever it takes to bring about a Two-State Solution. The problem is, nothing is asked of Palestine except ceasing rockets sent into Israeli cities. The demands from America are mythical, and the truth behind the demands on Israel are rotten to the core. Palestine does not want Israel to exist – not the State, not the people.

Here is some of what Netanyahu said (Source: YNetNews):

The message is clear – we are here and will remain here. We are planting and building; this is an inseparable part of the State of Israel, he said today, during a tree-planting tour of the West Bank settlement blocs.

This is the first stop. From here we will go on to plant trees in other places.

This is an inseparable part of the State of Israel. The vast majority of Israel’s citizens accept this, and it is gradually being instilled in the international psyche, said the prime minister.

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