Mansor Mohammad Asad is Delta Passenger Removed from Flight. Son Blames it on Passengers

Mansor Mohammad Asad is the Delta passenger removed from a flight for loudly proclaiming he wanted to kill all Jews. As I predicted, the diagnosis is: he has mental problems. Asad is Palestinian, and authorities just don’t get it. Palestinians want to kill Jews. It’s that simple. It’s not a mental illness, it’s a mindset and a state of education. Asad’s son blames his father’s behavior on someone inside the aircraft, saying “someone had to have pushed his button.”  Another thought is former
CIA, Michael Schueur’s warning that an event, just like this one, may
be used to “clog” the intelligence pipeline.
See links to that discussion below. Mansor Mohammad “Mickey” Asad was ordered to pay Delta Airlines $27,500 restitution, given three years probation. He is now on a no-fly list and is barred from using mass transport. Asad said he is innocent but pleaded guilty to get out of jail and be with his girlfriend and their 3 month old child.

Mansor Mohammad Asad

Delta flight 2485 , bound for Detroit, was taxiing when Asad began his campaign. The flight returned to the gate and he was forcibly removed from the airliner. He spoke in “a foreign language,” (do ya think it was Arabic???), he disrupted the flight attendants safety instructions…he was drinking beer – that’s the story. FBI says there are “no indications” his behavior was related to terrorism.

The arrest affidavid claims Asad said “I”m not afraid of you cops. I’ve gotten in fights with cops in Ohio and broke their arms in three places. I’ve broken skulls too!”

He then prayed and chanted, before telling a cop to “Go back to Africa, you white racist cop!”

After removing his socks and shoes during the police search, one handcuff was unlocked so that he could put them back on. Instead he made a fist and charged the officer. Police tased the bro…twice because he would not follow police commands.

Asad reportedly works at Appliance Connection in Toldeo, Ohio and was traveling with his daughter, sister and girlfriend. His son, Mickey says his father is bipolar and in and out of mental institutions when he was younger, but then blames his father’s state of mind on someone on the aircraft:

“It’s not what it’s made out to be,” Mickey Asad told The Herald. “I
don’t know, someone had to have pushed his buttons. I don’t know, I
couldn’t explain honestly. Of course he’s not a terrorist.”

Is this man a citizen? Here on a visa? Legal? A Palestinian hating Jews is a religion, not a mental illness.

Clogging the Intelligence Pipeline

Is this what America is facing? Will there be lawsuits filed against
numerous airlines for taking disruptive Muslims off of flights? As Larwyn
(with some of my thoughts woven in) says: “Pregnant/and/or/Pious
Females in Burkas…Religious Conferences couched as vacations,
transgendered Arabs looking for a way to 72 virgins through their
underpants…is this the new normal?

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