Larry Platts Pants on the Ground Rip Off of Green Brothers Back Pockets on the Floor?

Well, this is too bad. Larry Platt performed his “original” rap Pants on the Floor at an audition on American Idol a couple of weeks ago. The song, which advises young men to pull up their pants and turn the bill of their hat around, because “your looking like a fool with your pants on the ground…your hat turned sideways…your pants on the ground….” See videos below.

The song was an instant cult hit. It was everywhere. Platt, who says he is a “General,” and FOXNews explains that he is a “civil rights soldier,”  asked FOX for help with protecting his intellectual property, because…the song was everywhere.

Here’s the twist: The Green Brothers say Platt has ripped off their Back Pockets on the Floor. They said they wish Mr. Platt well, but want people to hear their version, recorded in 1996.

In the video below, you’ll hear similar thought, dissimilar melody (do raps have “melody”)? The Green Brothers song is a fine message. Too bad community leaders couldn’t get this message heard where it should have been heard, adhered to by those who should be adhering to their elders, or simply thought of it themselves and made it happen.

Listen to the words in the Green Brothers’ Back Pockets on the Floor, and then to Mr. Platt’s Pants on the Floor, which he says he has been performing for about 5 years. What do you think? Rip off?

Green Brothers Back Pockets on the Floor (video) 

Larry Platt Pants on the Ground (video)