Government Fraud: Officials Live Large on Taxpayer Money

A National Science Foundation (NSF) official remains unnamed, but still employed, after finding that he regularly flew into conferences a day or so early, or stayed a day or so late to facilitate a liason with a women in the area. Also included in his liasons is another NSF employee. They allegedly met in Tokyo, Paris and Vancouver. You and I paid for all that fun. The unnamed official was asked if his “perk” was appropriate. His answer was “Yeah, why not?”

We paid for a lot of fun. You can read that story here.

Senator Charles Grassley is pushing for tighter regulations, specifically on the purchasing of airline tickets. Most government “servants” fly, at least business class. Money was spent to extend trips for military to get in a few rounds of golf. Old but distressing news.

Somewhere, there is a supervisor who must approve these expense reports. That supervisor is corrupt, and needs to lose his/her job. Let’s start at the top and demand responsibility for those living large on taxpayer money.