Democrats Blame Pollster Rasmussen for Failed Agenda and Poor Image

Democrats are ticked at pollster Scott Rasmussen.They believe the Obama image and agenda have been smudged by the President’s continually falling poll numbers in numerous categories. Rasmussen is the recipient of liberal blogger wrath. Needless to say, when Rasmussen showed Obama polling high in favorability, Rasmussen was a dollface. For this, Media Matters cannot bash Bush. The Rasmussen Reports are downright embarassing to moonbats. Maybe Rasmussen actually polls a fair sampling of Americans. How unique.

In this Politico report, a University of Wisconsin political scientist, Charles Franklin, says Rasumssen regularly polls Obama’s favorables lower than other polls.  Franklin believes he returns a Republican result. Can it be that EVERYONE ELSE polls a Democrat result? Can it be that Rasmussen actually polls a true cross-section of America – and polls only “likely voters?” He claims that is exactly what he does.

The public is all too aware of how Democrats analyze an issue. Here’s an example from Media Matters:

“Whether intended or not, Rasmussen polls have been used by
conservative voices as talking points, and when that happens on one
side it inevitably produces a reaction from the other,” explained Mark
Blumenthal, a polling analyst and the editor and publisher of “Rasmussen produces a lot of data that appear to produce
narratives conservatives are promoting, and that causes a reaction.”

The monthly index for December shows the President losing 3 points for the month, and losing 2 points for October and 2 in November. The last poll taken in December was on the 26th. Take a look at the graphic above. The Christmas Eve passage of ObamaCare is not viewed fondly. November saw the same, as it was then becoming evident the Senate would have a vote on the most enslaving, unconstitutional and arrant legislation to come out of Congress in the history of the Nation.

Nasty brats…these Democrats.