ClimateGate Scientists Phil Jones Not Prosecuted: UAE Asks for Jones Resignation

A watchdog organization has concluded that Phil Jones and other scientists connected to the University of East Anglia’s (UEA) climate change program broke the law when they refused to release data under Britain’s version of our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Because the offenses happened more than 6 months ago, the men cannot be prosecuted.

Ignoring FOIA’s should be a serious matter. Also serious, is what action will be taken for the manipulated data, paid for by taxpayers, and foisted on an unsuspecting world to keep the cash flowing to these so-called scientists?

Phil Jones, the Director of the UAE’s climate research unit, and at the top of the pile of deceit, has lost the support of UEA. According to this report, he has been asked to resign, but will he be forced to resign, is the question?

As resignation calls mounted the university last
night refused to back Professor Jones saying it was waiting for an
independent review to be finalised. The professor has temporarily
stepped aside as head of the unit pending the result of that review.
Climatic Research Unit has received grants worth £13.7million over 20
years from public bodies including the Environment department and the
Met Office.
MEP Roger Helmer, who sits on the EU Parliament’s climate change
committee, said the Information Commissioner’s ruling meant Professor
Jones must resign. 
ruling completely undermines his position as head of the unit,” he
said. “Science is about open inquiry and challenge. If he conspired
with others to hide data it begs a lot of questions. He should resign.”

Global Warming is about the money, and that is all it’s about. Richard North, an “expert” on climate change research said:

Professor Jones is clearly motivated by the need to attract funding for
his unit. If the unit has been set up to find global warming, releasing
data showing that there isn’t will be the death knell for it.

Research like this has to be separated from the gravy train of
government funding otherwise it will conducted with one eye on the next
grant and never be objective.

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