Britain Biggest Threat to World Security: Al Qaeda Threat Huge: Intel Insanity

In less than 30 days, since the Christmas Day bomb plot, the U.S. has determined that al-Qaeda has restructured and now is capable of a wide range of terror attacks against Western targets. Less than 30 days…that is all it took to come to this astonishing conclusion. However a report out yesterday, shows that two separate reports did not determine whether or not Major Nidal Hasan’s attack on Ft. Hood was terrorism.

For most of us average Americans out here…we are not surprised that al-Qaeda is on a roll. We never quit suspecting that when the time was right, they would strike again. It is why we want to profile. We remain wary. Intelligence, apparently, has been on a long lunch break.

The other conclusion of the intel gathered since Christmas Day is this:

American officials now believe Britain poses a major threat to Western
security because of the large number of al-Qaeda supporters that are active
in the country.

Now, we all know this is true, and it has been true for a very long time. This can be very, very good news for the people of Britain who battle Muslim extremists daily. The extremists are taking over and Parliament had aided and comforted the local rabble. If we can convince England to ship the Muslims back home, the West might have a chance to survive Islamization.

Two years ago Jonathan Evans, the head of MI5, estimated
that there were 2,000 al-Qaeda sympathisers based in Britain – the largest
concentration of al-Qaeda activists in any Western country

But American
officials, who regularly refer to “Londonistan” because of the high
concentration of Islamic radicals in the capital, believe the figure is
growing all the time. They point out that recent al-Qaeda terror attacks
planned in Britain have been the work of British-based Muslims
, many of whom
have been trained in al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“The level of al-Qaeda activity in Britain is becoming a major source of
concern,” said a senior State Department official. “The organisation’s
ability to use Britain as a base to plot terror attacks constitutes a
serious threat to the security of Britain and other Western countries.” 

Here’s the rest of the story:

The recent surge
in al-Qaeda terror attacks has led U.S. officials to conclude that al-Qaeda
is planning a series of new attacks later in the year, some of them in

I guess the US is ticked that Britain didn’t give us the intel about Abdulmutallab, but really, we had enough that we didn’t need anything from Britian. It would have helped, and it would have given us a longer lead time, but you know…Britain didn’t want to invade Mr. Abdulmutallab’s privacy. The US must not depend on anyone else. We have the manpower and the resources. We just need to do our job. American Airlines seems to be doing their job. Did you know that AA, taking heed of Canada’s newly elevated airport security, allows zero carry-ons (almost) on flights from Canada to the U.S. It has everything to do with the suspected terrorist attempts coming our way.