Bloomberg Investors: Obama Anti-Business

A quarterly poll of Bloomberg investors finds that 77 percent believe Barack Obama is anti-business, and they question, one year out, his ability to handle the financial crisis. The poll also shows that his favorability among the same investors has dropped from 32 percent to 27 percent.

We’ve watched the Dow plunge the past couple of days. No surprise. What is a surprise, is that very smart people like Bloomberg investors, ever had confidence in this president.

Investors no longer feel they can trust their instincts
to take risks,” said poll respondent David Young, a managing
director for a broker dealer in New York. Young cited Obama’s
efforts to trim bonuses and earnings, make health care his top
over jobs and plans to tax “the rich or advantaged.

The poll also stated their concern that Obama has not appointed “a leading business executive for his cabinet or a top advisory role. In other words, Obama is not vested in private business. He WANTS YOU on his government payroll.