Another IPCC Humiliation: IPCC Uses Student Dissertation and Magazine Article

This time, we go to data for mountain ice in the Andes, Alps and Africa, having already thoroughly discredited data on the Himalayans. Our source today is a geography student’s dissertation for a Masters equivalent in Switzerland, and a mountain climbing magazine article written with anecdotal data from “mountaineers.” The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) liked what it read, and decided to use them both as “authoratative assessment[s] of scientific evidence on climate change.” Update see new GlacierGate video below.

The Sunday Telegraph claims credit for the discovery:

But neither the dissertation or the magazine article cited as sources for this
information were ever subject to the rigorous scientific review process that
research published in scientific journals must undergo….

Experts claim that loss of ice climbs are a poor indicator of a reduction in
mountain ice as climbers can knock ice down and damage ice falls with their
axes and crampons. 

Recently, it was revealed the IPCC used “unsubstantiated” data on the Himalayans, some coming from the casual comments of an Indian scientist, and some coming from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The WWF is an advocacy group and use of such data is forbidden for the supposedly, strictly regulated science data needed to prove that the earth is warming. Perhaps you’ve noticed the WWF ads on television recently on the declining numbers of polar bears (contrary to the opinion of many, many experts).

WWF data was also used to illustrate “reduced rainfall in the Amazon rainforest,” and that data was borrowed from an article in the journal Nature.

Rajendra Pauchari, the Director of the IPCC, cannot be shamed. There are calls for his resignation, but he is resisting.

Take a minute for a few laughs and watch the video below: GlacierGate set to the popular Hitler videos making the rounds. Thanks to reader Mr. Xyz.

Hitler Distressed about GlacierGate

Find more complete information on the UN’s IPCC agenda, their lack of efficiency and failure to rely on real science, and the details of the ClimateGate scandal here.

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