A Message from a Spainard to the U.S.: Get Acquainted with Muslim Demographics (Video)

I recently posted on the Nigerian would-be bomber aboard Northwest Flight 253. In reply to that post was a comment left at Radarsite on my cross-post. John Doebert is a Spaniard living in Spain and he has a message for America. We will do well to listen. Fitting perfectly with Mr. Doebert’s comment is an important video on how Islam will defeat us all. See the video below.

Here is Doebert’s first comment and a second follows:

I’m a spaniard who lives in Spain, Europe. Nevertheless, I feel and
always felt very close to the US country, regardless of federal
government or this or that particular policy.

For those not familiar
with the local boundaries, let me tell you that Islam is right at our
door, and that the whole Europe is infiltrated from within by the
hundred of thousands muslims who, purportedly, want to live here and
be like us, and really, want to destroy us.

And as they cannot do it
openly by waging war against us, they have elected a much more subtle
way: their women’s wombs, changing our demography and gaining momentum
by the sheer force of bigger population.

Using our legal systems,
exploiting loopholes and shortcuts, they are being entitled with civil
rights, right to vote, right to social money. That’s right: we are
paying the very same people who want to change our countries into a
third world nasty cesspit. Now, Europe is lost. That much I’m afraid

A continent of cowards, losers, laidback old folks, without the
guts to stand up and fight for its future against the islamic invasion.
But you, USA, you got a future. You are the best experiment in
mankind’s history. A country founded from the scratch, no more than 250
years ago, with all your problems, you are still every person’s hope.

So please wake up. OK, you’ve already have elected your official moron;
but make it only one. In Spain, we have elected ours as well, but we
have reoffended; we elected him for a second term, so he can betray us
properly and put the final stake through our country’s heart,
everything in the name of tolerance and political correctness.

close your border to anyone not qualyfing in english language, non
islamic faith and not capable of making a living on his or her own. You
are being invaded in every possible way. You are the first and last
hope of western civilization, and as such, you are in the greatest of
dangers. Would you give your house’s keys to the person who’s gonna rat
you?. Stand up and defend yourselves, great evil is coming, and is
already here in Europe, specially in Spain and the like.

John Doebert’s second comment after I asked for permission to post his message:

Regarding your idea of posting my comment in some other place, it’s OK
for me. I feel very grateful for your kindness. After all, I’m just a
foreigner and some local in US could get upset about my speaking.

One final thought: I’m no average
spaniard, make no mistake. People here are looking the other way, some
trying to live their lives, some posturing as if anything happens,
struggling to get food to the table, as economic situation is in
shambles and worsening.

One cannot expect a high degree of awareness
regarding any other thing than the basics when there’s no job, no
income, no future. I’m fortunate to have a job and to be able to invest
some time in getting acquainted with national and international
situation in most scenarios.

And islamic invasion is my main concern,
as they are like termites. I think it was two years ago when a
Palestinian mother showed in TV yelling and shouting that she was so
proud that his son had blown himself up killing infidels. I was shocked
to read an Israeli journalist commenting on the bomb blasts something
like “as long as their hate for us is bigger than their love for their
love ones, there’s no solution”. There you go: they treat themselves
like they were all a mere walking canister for their bombs.

They want to
be like us, and as they cannot (their Islamic system forbids it), they
chose to destroy us.

BTW, very good job in the blog, keep it up; I’ve
reading it for months.

Many of us see the threat and understand it, but are powerless to effectively fight it. Which reminds me of this important video. I’ll hope you will take a minute to watch it – listen carefully, and then get busy propagating! Sadly, it isn’t a joke.

Muslim Infiltration (video)