West Point is Enemy Camp? Cool Audience for Obama? Chris Matthews Enemy Video

The West Point cadets were quietly respectful as the President spoke tonight. Not once did I see a head nod in agreement. There was no rousing or resounding applause for the mission laid out ahead. This had to apparent to anyone paying attention, but this is how MSNBC’s Liberal hack Chris Matthews saw it – and he saw West Point as “the enemy camp:”

Matthews said, “He went to maybe the enemy camp tonight to make his
case. I mean, that’s where Paul Wolfowitz used to write speeches for,
back in the old Bush days. That’s where he went to rabble rouse the
“we’re going to democratize the world” campaign back in ‘02. So, I
thought it was a strange venue.”

 Only a far-leftist would see West Point as a strange venue for a war speech.

NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez said a “shameful low” was reached tonight when Matthews referred to West Point as an “enemy camp.” Lopez received, and published, an email which puts tonight’s audience in perspective:

Whether out of professionalism (the vast majority of cadets) or fear of
punishment (the rest of them), the Corps of Cadets would never be
disrespectful to the Commander-in-Chief.  In fact, West Point may be
the only place in America where President Obama can simultaneously
trash George W. Bush and announce an increase in troop levels in Afghanistan and not be booed from the right or the left.

 Here’s the Matthews video

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