Somalia Suicide Bomber Dressed as a Woman Kills 13

The following story is of a med school graduation in Mogadishu at the Shamo Hotel. A suicide bomber, dressed as a woman, detonated his vest and killed the country’s Ministers of Health, Education and Higher Education, nine medical students and a physician. Many more were wounded. As Holger says below, these people are not human.

by Holger at Holger Awakens

Chances are 99.9999% that this attack was conducted by al-Shabaab,
which is the notorious arm of al Qaeda in Somalia – an attack that saw
three major government ministers killed while they were attending a
medical school graduation.

Somalia Suicide Bomber kills 13

Fitting isn’t it? Imagine a
graduation ceremony where students have slaved away for years to take
their doctors’ degrees and tend to the sick and injured of one of the
world’s most poor countries….and on this day, al Qaeda’s servants in
Somalia blow up the event. That is terror, folks. That is also the
definition of cowardice. I should also mention that the suicide bomber
dressed himself up as a woman. Yeah, al Qaeda’s a bunch of real macho
warriors, aren’t they?

Here’s some of the story from The Long War Journal:

government ministers and two reporters are among 19 Somalis who were
killed in a Shabaab suicide attack in the capital of Mogadishu.

suicide bomber, who was disguised as a woman, detonated his vest in the
midst of a graduation for Somali medical students from Banadir
University. The ceremony was being held at the Shamo Hotel, one of a
handful of locations still under government control in Mogadishu. [See
video below for scenes from the attack].

The ministers of health,
education, and higher education, along with two reporters from Shabelle
and Al Arabia, nine medical students, and a well-known doctor were
killed in the blast. Scores more were wounded, including the sports

I rarely put up posts about Somalia as I consider it a complete lost
cause but occasionally, it’s a good reminder of the extent to which the
islamists will resort.

These aren’t humans. These are programmed messengers of Satan.

the way, why don’t all of you keep your eyes peeled for reactions
across the world from muslim leaders and activists denouncing this
attack. Please put into comments here all of the reactions of outrage
you find from muslims in other countries – if we need more room in
comments for all of the examples, I’ll make more room.

Think we’ll need it?