Sarah Paddy Jones Salsa: 75 or 92 Years Old Sarah Paddy Jones Nicko Dances Salsa

There are several stories going around about Sarah ‘Paddy’ Jones dancing the salsa. The first story I received in an email said Paddy is 92 years old and was dancing salsa with her great-grandson, Nicko, who is 29.

A bit more sleuthing turned up a story about a Spanish woman living in Valencia, Spain who took up salsa dancing after the death of her husband five years ago at age 70. ‘Nicko’ is said to be her dance instructor. ‘Paddy’ and Nicko have travelled all over the world to dance:

Sarah Paddy Jones

They also wowed old time film and TV stars in LA when they graced
the stage at an international salsa congress at retirement complex
Laguna Woods Village in The Old Pros’ Stars of Dance event.

The duo were the only Europeans invited to attend the glittering
bash in May – organised by salsa star and promotor Albert Torres who
has worked with the likes of movie stars Jennifer Lopez and Walter

Whether Sarah ‘Paddy’ Jones is 75 or 92, this is an amazing story. When I first watched the video, thinking she was 92, all I could muster is, she has to have danced all her life, and taught this young man to dance as well. It appears he is her teacher and she is a quick and nimble student. I want to be Sarah Paddy Jones when I grow up. Watch the video to the end.

Sarah Paddy Jones and Nicko