Remembering Roger W. Gardner (Video)

Roger Gardner, the soul and spirit of Radarsite, lost his battle with
leukemia last week. Blogger Norm Hooben was one of the few among
Roger’s many friends who actually met him in person. Norm is sharing
his memories, photos and a video of Rog.

Norm Hooben (L) and Roger Gardner (R)

I got to meet Roger on two occasions and was very
impressed with his knowledge of early Roman history…he was very well
read and had an array of books in his small but comfortable apartment.

Some of you may remember the video I took during one of my visits…he was also
an excellent musician (self-taught, I believe) …

My prayers are for his family and friends…I’m speechless at the moment but I know Roger is with Our Creator…Norm

More photos from Storm’n Norm’n:

Roger Gardner
Roger Gardner
Norm and Roger

Roger Gardner

We will have more memories in the coming days, as well as our favorites
among Roger’s outstanding writings. If you have a favorite article by
Roger, please leave it in the comment section and we will add it to our