Persecuted Navy Seals: Support Persecuted Navy Seals Video

The persecuted Navy SEALS…persecuted by our own military, need your help. Support the persecuted Navy SEALS today. See after the video for information on each of the three individual SEALS. See update 12-07-09 below. See update 4-22-10 below.

Navy Seals

Update 12-07-09:

Ways you Can Help:

Lodge your protest at 813-828-4976
Email your protest to

Mail your protest to US Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps
The office of the Judge Advocate General, Public Affairs
1322 Patterson Ave., Suite 3000
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5066

Other phone numbers:

Comm: 202-685-5493
Washington Navy Yard: 202-685-5190
Pentagon, Room 4C642: 703-614-7420

AJAG, Military Law: 1254 Charles Morris St., SE
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5047
Comm: 202-685-7053

This from a reader for donations to a defense fund:

“U.S.NavySEAL/Warrior Legal Defense Fund” acct. # 435020290711 c/o Bank of America, P.O. Box F, Fort Eustis, VA. 23604
Can contribute through any Bank of America. 

Also, paypal: http://sites.Google. com/site/usnavyseallegaldefencefund/

Not 501(c)(3), so not tax deductible

Support Persecuted Navy Seals

Thanks to The Jawa Report

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