Obama Banishes F-22 from Photo Op: Elemendorf Alaska Hides F-22

One of the pride and joys of the military, the now defunded F-22, was banished from a photo op as Obama gave yet another speech at Alaska’s Elmendorf Air Base.


The F-22 was proudly awaiting the President’s arrival, but presidential staff had it rushed out and an F-15 put in its place.

The airmen there took offense to the Obama aides’ demand,
sources told The Cable, seeing it as a slight to the folks who are
operating the F-22 proudly every day. They also expressed bewilderment that the
White House staff would even care so much as to make an issue out of the fact
that the F-22 was placed in the hangar with the president.

the Air Force personnel thought it odd the White
House wanted to display the older plane rather than the more advanced plane
that, in the eyes of its supporters, represents the latest and greatest in
American aviation.

“It’s one thing to be against further production; quite
another to slight the folks who are flying them in the operational world,” one
source said, adding that “the F-15 pictured was put into service roughly around
the same period when Obama graduated from college. It’s vintage.

The U.S. has 187 F-22s in inventory. The Obama administration cut-off production plans of a remaining 194 planes – in fact, Obama threatened to veto the entire Defense Bill if provisions for the F-22 were left alive. Here’s what he said in July 2009:

“At a time when we’re fighting two wars and facing a serious deficit,
(expanding the F-22) would have been an inexcusable waste of money.”

There was no comment, however, as Nancy Pelosi tried, but failed, to slip $330 million into the budget for 4 luxury jets for the use of her ‘House.’