Comcast Selling your Health Care for Lucrative Nods from Congress

Comcast wants to acquire NBC. One of those really, really big acquisitions that the Democrats frown upon. To make it all a bit more palatible, after the joint announcement, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, sent a letter to Obama of glowing support for ObamaCare. How better to sway legislation your way in 2009, than to praise the administrations health care bills. Your health care has just been sold by an industry giant, who’s service, Comcast, may reside in your home.

Brian Roberts

I have no doubt that Robers just bought Congress and Barack Obama.

General Electric (GE) owns 80% of NBC, and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt is looking for more government handouts – and so continues his slobbering love affair with the President. Immelt crows his support of health care in exchange for support [taxpayer money] of the the company’s wind turbine program. Pander, pander, pander.

The administration has big plans for communications. Large-scale consolidations are a target. What’s a communications giant to do? Pay for what you want – endorse, endorse, endorse. CapitolConfidential at BigGovernment explains it:

So if you are about to march into the lion’s den it makes perfect sense
to toss a side of beef in beforehand.  The White House has shown itself
willing to sell out to any special interest willing to help them
slather lipstick on the health “reform” pig.  They cut deals with
friend and foe alike, knowing that they need all the help they can get
to contravene the will of the American public to take over one sixth of
the nation’s economy.

How much political pandering does it take to buy the support of Congress and the administration:

So we now have a high-profile test case.  But the test is not
whether laws or regulations exist that stand in the way of the
Comcast-NBC deal.  What we are about to learn from the way the
administration and Senate Democrats handle the investigation and
scrutiny of this transaction, is just how much political pandering will
buy you under Washington’s current power structure.

No one should bother chiming in with the endless examples of special
interests lending political support to officials in exchange for
favorable treatment.  The point here is not that this is the first time
someone has tried this.  The point (that is seemingly being made on a
daily basis) is that this administration promised, ad nauseum, that
they would be different, unprecedented, if you will, in their level of
integrity, transparency and overall sanctimony, and so far, they have
come up short rather consistently.

If Comcast is your cable provider, you might consider gathering your neighbors to burn-up the phone lines in your local area, and of course, express your volatile opinions to your Congressmen.