Byron Bell is Tiger Woods Childhood Friend: Bryron Bell Covers for Tiger and Rachel Uchitel

Can there be more to tell about Tiger Woods and his flamboyant affairs? Well, yes there is. Byron Bell, said to be Tiger Woods’ childhood friend and President of Tiger Woods Design, has been covering for Tiger and Rachel Uchitel. Update 12-08-09  – breaking news about yet another porn star and Rachel Uchitel. Update 12-08-09 – Byron’s wedding to Nike Rep. Tiger bails as best man – see below. See link to new Holly Sampson video 12-13-09 below. Update 12-13-09 Florida Department of Child and Families visits the Woods? below. Another 12-13-09 update below – see link to Jamie Jungers and Tiger’s father. Latest Update 3-19-10 below.

Bell allegedly purchased a plane ticket for Uchitel to fly to Australia in mid-November to be with Tiger as he played in the Australian Masters – and won. Bell booked rooms for himself and Tiger’s paramour at Melbourne’s Crown Towers Hotel and flew to Australia with Uchitel.

Update 12-08-09:
Byron Bell met Julie Kunsman, a sales rep for Nike golf, in 2007 at a Nike sponsored golf tournament. The wedding is this weekend. Tiger was to be the best man but TMZ says he is bailing on his best friend.

Update 3-19-10:
New report out today that Byron Bell may have arranged more than just Tiger’s liasons with Rachel Uchitel – specifically with porn start Joselyn James aka Veronica Swik-Daniels. Updates here.

Stay tuned.

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