Ben Nelson Votes Yes: Ben Nelson Bought? Senate Removes Abortion from Health Care to Get Nelson’s Vote?

Is there any single Democrat with a spine? A new poll indicates that 67% of Nebraska voters oppose health care. Was he offered another Louisiana Purchase? Was there a Ben Nelson purchase? Another bribe going on in the Halls of Congress? Has the Washington, D.C. mafia hit again?

Senator Ben Nelson

In the same poll, it was asked if Nelson (D-NE) voted ‘yes’ to end the debate and pass the bill out of the Senate, how that vote would affect their vote for Nelson in his next re-election bid:

If Senator Nelson does vote in this way, would that make you
more likely or less likely to support Senator Nelson when he runs for

Likely/strongly 10%
Likely/somewhat 12%
Less likely/somewhat 17%
Less likely/strongly 44%

At this moment, Nelson is on FOX saying that he has accomplished removing any federal funds funding abortion.

Another poll says 61% of Nebraska’s voters are less likely to vote for Nelson in his next election.

The same poll shows Republican Governor Dave Heineman, who is considering a run for Nelson’s seat, with a voter favorability of 64%.

I’m waiting to see what Nelson’s ‘yes’ vote cost American taxpayers. Stay tuned.