Van Jones tied to Stop the Witch Hunt? Anti-Beck Anti-Limbaugh ties to Van Jones?

Democrats organize for everything. They can’t protest on their own, like maybe turning the TV station, or radio dial. Instead the radicals organize for a call to action. An example: Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh dish a few details about the then-Obama-green-jobs-Czar Van Jones. Jones steps down. A new organization pops-up on the web: Stop the Witch Hunt. See video below.

Stop the Witch Hunt – anti-Limbaugh, anti-Beck

WorldNetDaily’s Noel Sheppard has the full story, and it goes something like this: Stop the Witch Hunt is born to “attack” Limbaugh, Beck, Lou Dobbs and others. Noel Sheppard’s tipster finds a link to Jones buried within the Center for Media Justice (doesn’t that name send a shiver? Media Justice? – justice for liberals, no justice for conservatives, justice for minorities, no justice for whites or Jews? Did you know that Van Jones founded “The Color of Change? What color would that change be? Did you know that Obama’s Diversity Czar, Mark Lloyd and the FCC see communications as a “civil rights issue.?”)

The Center for Media Justice was formerly Youth Media Council…well, okay, this is far too complicated and Sheppard has already worked out a way to lead you down the trail to Van Jones. He has the timeline, too. Read the story at WorldNetDaily.

The video below is Glenn Beck’s beginning exposure of Van Jones.

Get background on Van Jones here.

Glenn Beck’s exposure of Van Jones (video)

Van Jones 9/11 Truther (video)