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Sarah Palin has “gone rogue” again and told Sean Hannity that the Fort Hood shooter and murderer, Nidal Hasan should have been profiled by the Military. Palin will arrive in Fort Hood for her book signing on December 4th. She is donating her book royalties to the victims of the attack on the Texas Military base. See video below.

Sarah Palin

While the New York Daily news says that Palin’s visit has “sparked controvery,” their own poll, this minute shows that 68% believes it is a good gesture, and grieving troops will appreciate it. Thirty one percent think it wrong for her to “try to get PR” out of the tragedy.” You can vote in that poll here.

…area pastor, Dan Galanffy, 60, said “she can probably provide some healing that is needed and some truth and honesty that is also needed.”

Tina andreadis, a spokeswoman for Palin’s publisher, said the Fort Hood visit was
planned before the shooting and that the Army has since “reinforced
their invitation, saying it would boost the troops’ morale.”

CBS makes a point to say that Palin will bypass “liberal-leaning cities such as Seattle, San Franciso,Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Instead, she is stopping in Sioux City, Iowa; Noblesville, Indiana; Washington, Pennsylvania; and Rochester, New York. With this veiled elitest statement, CBS doesn’t even realize that her book is breaking sales records as never before – no moonbats needed.

From the Wall Street Journal, November 17th:

Sarah Palin’s memoir just hit the stands today but
demand for “Going Rogue: An American Life” is so strong that
HarperCollins Publishers is going back to press for an additional
100,000 run, bringing the total number of hard-covers in print to 1.6
million copies.

UPDATE: Three major booksellers declined to release
sales figures for “Going Rogue” on Tuesday. However, a spokeswoman for Inc.’s Web site noted in an email that the title “is already
one of our bestselling nonfiction books of 2009.” At 2:40 p.m., the
book ranked No. 1 on Amazon’s list of best sellers, with six customer
reviews and 393 customer discussions. Amazon is selling the book for
$14.50, a 50% discount from its $28.99 retail price.

By the way, in Grand Rapids, Michigan about 1,500 people turned out at the Barnes and Noble today for the Palin Book Tour.  “Scores more” couldn’t get a wristband, awaited Palin’s arrival outside, braving the cold and yelling. “USA!” and ‘Sarah, Sarah!”

She’s a person of faith, she has a family, she has gone through a lot
of the trials and tribulations we have. I’d vote for her in a
heartbeat,” said Lana Smith, a dispatcher at a bus company who took the
day off work and had been waiting in line since 5:30 a.m.

Watch the first video below to listen to the Grand Rapids crowd and see Palin’s arrival. You’ll love this video.

Sarah Palin in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity on Fort Hood