Rush Limbaugh Chris Wallace: Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday: Part 1 Stealing Liberty

 Chris Wallace traveled to Florida to interview Rush Limbaugh for FOX New Sunday. A few standout quotes are below and Part 1 of the video. Part 2 is here. Part three is here. See video below.

About the “radical leadership” in the Obama administration:

Rush – Denial of freedom, attack on liberty

Rush – There wasn’t any growth in the private sector

Rush – GDP
equals CIG — that is, consumers, the investment of business, and
government. And it’s all G. It’s all government. There is no private
sector growth. There were no new jobs being created. We’re losing them.


Rush – Just 
— he’s [Obama] (inaudible) he’s a child. I think he’s — he’s got a — a
five-minute career. He was in the Senate for 150 days. He was a
community organizer in Chicago for however number of years. He
really has no experience running anything. He’s very young. I think
he’s got an out-of-this-world ego. He’s very narcissistic. And he’s
able to focus all attention on him all the time. That — that
description is simply a way to cut through the noise and say he’s
immature, inexperienced, in over his head. 

Let’s talk about a couple of the big issues the president is dealing
with now — first of all, Afghanistan. You suggest that he is taking
all of this time to decide what to do in Afghanistan to keep his
left-wing base on board for health care reform.

RUSH: Well, it’s partly that, but I also don’t think he cares much about it. I think once…

WALLACE: Well, come on.

No, I — no, see, this is — I know this is going to sound
controversial, but I don’t think he cares that — if he — Chris, if he
cared about — we’ve got soldiers and their families worrying about
what we’re going to do. The general on the ground said we need some
more troops.

The policy that he implemented in March he now
doesn’t like and is trying to figure out how best to make everybody
happy here politically on his side of the aisle and also for his image.
Democrats have a tendency to be seen as weak on defense, so he’s
battling with that.

But again, if he cared about victory —
remember, he said about Afghanistan victory is not something he’s
comfortable with, the concept. It reminds him of the Japanese
surrendering on the USS Missouri. It made him very uncomfortable.

wants to manage this rather than achieve victory. He says these things.
I don’t know if people actually listen and have them register when he

But you don’t think that Barack Obama has a profound respect for our
soldiers and the families that are giving the sacrifice?

Chris, throughout the Iraq war, it was Barack Obama and the Democrat
Party which actively sought the defeat of the U.S. military. They
convened hearings and accused General Petraeus of lying. They said the
surge would not work.

Harry Reid stands up, waves the white
flag — this war is lost. Jack Murtha is out saying our Marines at
Haditha are guilty of rape. John Kerry is accusing our Marines of
committing terrorism acts by going into the homes of Iraqis at midnight
in the dark terrorizing, looking for Al Qaida or whoever was there.

I mean, look. I hate to be honest with you here, but I do question
their commitment to national security. I question their commitment to
the U.S. military. They’ll put their political survival and their
political power being gained over anything else. They’ll use anybody
and throw anybody away in order to achieve it.

Rush Limbaugh and Chris Wallace Fox News Sunday Part 1 (video)