Kenneth Bach Shreds Gerald Walpin Documents: AmeriCorps IG Kenneth Bach Shreds WH Evidence

Gerald Walpin was the Inspector General (IG) for AmeriCorps. He believes he was fired by the White House (WH) for an incriminating report on AmeriCorp showing the abuse of $75 million dollars of taxpayer monies. Walpin is suing to get his job back, but evidently, documents perhaps pertaining to his case have been shredded at the request of the White House, by the very man who replaced him.

White House

According to Salisbury News:

The acting inspector general of AmeriCorps said he shredded White House
documents at the request of an agency press spokeswoman that pertained
to the controversial firing of the previous inspector general, Gerald
Walpin, who was ousted after investigating a political ally of
President Obama.

 The email obtained by CNSNews through Freedom of Information ACT (FOIA):

The e-mail message from agency spokeswoman Ranit Schmelzer seemed
urgent, as she wrote: “WH documents were sent in error. Can you please
destroy them? And can you confirm you receive this e-mail?” Acting IG
Kenneth Bach responded 13 minutes later writing, “Confirmed, documents
were shredded.”…

The documents
referenced in the Bach-Schmelzer email exchange included a draft of a
letter to be signed by President Obama that would be sent to House
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to inform her that Obama was firing
Gerald Walpin as inspector general for the Corporation for National and
Community Service (CNCS), which runs AmeriCorps, and also a set of
talking points to be used in explaining to the media why Walpin was
being fired.

When an Inspector General is fired, there is a procedure for doing so, none of which those sympathetic to Gerald Walpin believe, happened, including Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA). To date, President Obama has only said that he “lost confidence” in Walpin.

Not only did Walpin expose fraud at AmeriCorps, he also exposed a politician – a friend of Barack and Michelle Obama, who misused charitable funds. The politician is former NBA star and current Mayor of Sacramento, California Kevin Johnson. Johnson’s past is fraught with scandal – inappropriate touching of at least one minor, recruiting AmeriCorps personnel to work in his own non-profit, St. Hope Academy, and to work for him personally. Walpin’s report charged that the supplemented St. Hope salaries by “converting” AmeriCorp grant funds and more.

So let’s take a look at Kevin Johnson, and keep in mind that Walpin’s
investigation was correct and it is documented that Johnson misused
federal funds, at times for his personal benefit. That fact is not
being disputed by anyone.

Read Who is Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson?

Walpin, who has been exonerated from any wrong doing says such a request from an “agency spokeswoman” is “shocking,” as well as acting Inspector General Kenneth Bach’s compliance.

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