Joseph Cao is Louisiana Republican Congressman: Joseph Cao votes for HR 3962

Rep. Joseph Cao (R-LA-2nd) has just cast his vote for HR 3962, the PelosiCare Health Care legislation. See update below.

Joseph Cao

The new congressman has been courted by Democrats since voicing his state of undecision on the health care vote. He is a Republican representing a mostly Democratic district. He won his race courtesy of Democrat, William Jefferson, who was indicted for the $10,000 cash FBI agents found in his freezer and other charges of federal corruption. 

Nevertheless, the people in Louisiana’s 2nd district had a difficult time choosing their representative. Cao won by only 3 percent. He is the first Republican to SERVE THE DISTRICT SINCE 1890, and obviously wants to keep his job.

Cao (pronounced ‘gow’) was a lawyer in New Orleans before moving to “the people’s house.” Rep. Cao was born in Vietnam and came to the U.S. when he was 8 years old. He is a Roman Catholic, married and has two daughters. He is the first native of Vietnam and the first Vietnamese American to serve in Congress.

A footnote to Joseph Cao’s vote in support of Pelosi’s health care: The Stupak Amendment passed shortly before the vote on HR 3962. This
amendment supposedly prevents insurance companies from covering
abortions, and strengthens language denying federal funds for abortions.
The passage of the amendment was problematic on both sides. Once it
passed, pro-life Democrats no longer had a convenient excuse for voting
against the bill. It left them to choose Nancy Pelosi or constitutients
back home. Republicans wanted to vote for the amendment, of course, but
in doing so, it enabled PelosiCare to pass. One Republican, Rep. John
Shadegg (R-AZ) voted ‘present.’

A Michelle Malkin story today shows how Cao was bought. Obama promised he would work with Cao to, among other things, give New Orleaners “disaster loan forgiveness.”