HuffPo Rupert Murdoch Petition: Rupert Murdoch Barack Obama Liberal Smoke Screen

A HuffPo contributor is launching a petition to make Rupert Murdoch decide whether Glenn Beck is racist or not. The petition, according to the Huffington Post will “demand” that Murdoch “put an end to Fox’s race-baiting, or admit he agrees with it.” But I don’t think that’s what the Left is so upset about. Really, this is just a Liberal smoke screen to block out what Murdoch really said about Barack Obama. See videos below.

Rupert Murdoch

A short background to this story is that Glenn Beck made a statement that he thought Obama was racist. Rupert Murdoch’s FOX News Channel hosts Beck’s show. In an interview with an Assie, Murdoch said Obama “did make a very racist comment.” And he said, “when you assess what he [Beck] was talking about, he was “right.”

Murdoch said something else in the interview though, that the Left must really, really hate.  Just after the Beck conversation, Murdoch is asked how he thinks Obama is doing and  Murdoch said he is doing ” badly,” and then he cites a few polls. The Huffington Post deleted this conversation from their video and doesn’t mention it in their article. They link to Politico who mentions nothing about Obama doing “badly.”

So now a petition is launched to put Murdoch on the hot seat. Does Murdoch think Obama is a racist or not? That’s the question.

Now you’ve been caught defending the words and behavior of Glenn Beck,
the worst of the worst when it comes to race-baiting, whom more than 80
advertisers have abandoned–because of the very comments you endorsed.

Murdoch issued a statement after the interview that is giving Liberals some hope that Murdoch didn’t mean what he said at all. This from a Beck spokesman:

“He does not at all, for a minute, think the president is a racist,” Ginsberg said.

I have no doubt that Murdoch will retreat from his support of Beck. There’s very little spine left in anyone rich and famous these days. So abandon Beck. Abandon your conscience. Go ahead. We don’t care anymore.

Most of us out here are fed-up with the weenie politically correct conversation going on. If anyone thinks Murdoch did not mean what he said – Obama “did make a very racist comment” – then you are indulging in fantasy. After all, that is a very clear statement. Does Murdoch think that Obama, every minute of every day, is racist? Probably not. So we will just bite our nails while we wait to see what this powerful petition brings about. LOL!

Rupert Murdoch – Glenn Beck is right (video)

Glenn Beck on Fox and Friends – Obama is racist (video)

Rupert Murdoch has made his controversial statements, and will now be hounded. Make your own decision, as did Murdoch, and see what you think. Watch the entire conversation between Beck and FOX and Friends to get the context of the conversation here.