Honoring 14 Dead in the Attack on Fort Hood

The following needs no introduction except to say Pvt. Francheska Velez, known as Cheka to family and friends, was 3 months pregnant, bringing the total dead in the attack on Fort Hood to 14. She had plans to become an Army psychiatrist. Captain Russell Seagar was a civilian psychiatrist. He joined the Army to counsel those returning to civilian life, and died by the hands of one being paid and protected to do the same. To whomever prepared this touching slideshow at PhotoBucket, thank you.

Maj L. Eduardo Caraveo (52) – Tuscon, Arizona
Michael Grant Cahill (62) – Cameron, Texas
Sgt. Justin M. DeCrow (32) – Plymouth, Indiana
Cpt. John Gaffaney (56) San Diego, California
Spc. Frederick Greene (29) of Mountain city, Tennessee
Spc Jason Dean Hunt (22) of Frederick, Oklahoma
Sgt. Amy Kreuger (29) of Kiel, Wisconsin
Pfc Aaron Thomas Nemelka (19) of West Jordan Utah
Pfc Michael Pearson (21) of Bolingbrook, Illinois
Cpt. Russell Seagar (51) of Racine, Wisconsin
Pvt Francheska Velez (21) – Chicago, Illinois
Baby Velez
Lt. Col Juanita Warman (55) – Independence, Missouri
Pfc. Kham Xiong (23) – St. Paul, Minnesota

Slide honorarium courtesy  PhotoBucket

Thanks to My Voice on the Wings of Change