FBI Grabs Muslim Mafia Documents: FBI Stops Document Return to CAIR

A court order served on Muslim Mafia co-author David Gaubatz to return documents obtained during an undercover operation inside the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), back to CAIR has been halted by the FBI, who served their own warrants for the same documents.

Muslim Mafia

Audio and video files, along with thousands of pages of documents will now be turned over to the FBI, rather than given back to CAIR. According to WorldNetDaily, via Creeping Sharia, the FBI is interested in the documentation as part of their investingation into CAIR and “its Hamas terrorist links, including those involing its founding chariman and acting executor director.”

Co-author P. David Gaubatz and his son Chris were involved in a lengthy investigation with Chris going deep inside the organization as an unpaid volunteer. With the publishing of the book, Muslim Mafia, Washington, D.C. Judge Kollar-Kotelly issued a restraining order on the Gaubatz’ use and distribution of the materials, and ordered all documents returned to CAIR.

Joseph Farah, CEO of WorldNetDaily, first broke the story and has been helping David and Chris Gaubatz raise funds for legal fees, says he welcomes the FBI investigation but says “we will have to confer with the attorneys to determine what happens next. Which takes precedence – a federal court order or an FBI warrant.” Buy the book from WND.

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