David Beamer is Todd Beamers Father: 9-11 Father Wants Regime Change and Military Trials

David Beamer, the father of Todd Beamer, the young husband and father who stormed the cockpit of United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001, is on FOX this minute. I’m hoping the video will be up shortly, but until then, I have paraphrased a few of his comments. Video added below – I hope you’ll listen to Mr. Beamer. He has a sobering message for this country.

David Beamer – father of Todd Beamer

Mr. Beamer attended the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on November 18th, in which Attorney General Eric Holder took questions about his decision to hold the trials for 9-11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and 4 others in New York City, just blocks from where the World Trade Towers stood.

Mr. Beamer wants the trials put back into Military commissions in Guantanamo. He commented during the hearing that Democrats asked no hard questions of Holder, and acknowledged that Republicans did. He said the decision to bring this to New York was “left-minded.”

I believe Mr. Beamer intimated or actually said these trials are unconstitutional, but I’ll have to wait the video or transcript before confirming this. Mr. Beamer said that the administration violated their oath to keep the country safe.

Beamer said it is not too late to change this course. Holder can ask his boss, “can’t I please change this course of action and put the trials back into military courts?” He said the administration could easily come up with the “appropriate spin” to explain the reversal of the decision.

I’ve adopted the mantra of hope and change. I hope we change the regime in 2010.

In 2010 and 2012, let’s put the house back in order.

Keep in mind, we will have an even happier Thanksgiving in 2010 after regime change.

Mr. Beamer said his son, Todd, would have been 41 tomorrow. My message to Mr. Beamer is to echo the famous words of his son Todd as he and others prepared to enter the cockpit: “Let’s roll!.”



David Beamer – father of Todd Beamer (video
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