Daivion Davis is Melody Ross Arrested Shooter: Tom Love Vinson is Melody Ross Shooter Arrested

Daivion Davis and Tom Love Vinson have been arrested in the shooting and death of Melody Ross, a Long Beach, California high school student. See update 11-17-09 below.

Davion Davis – Tom Love Vinson

 On October 30th, Melody Ross was a bystander at a dance after a football game when shots rang out and Melody was hit. She died the same night in hospital. Davis and Vinson are both 16-years-old and are charged as adults in her death. Each is charged with one count of murder, and each with two counts of attempted murder.

According to this report, Vinson is a resident of Bellflower, California and Davis a resident of Long Beach. Neither are believed to be students at Woodrow Wilson High School, where Ms. Ross was an honor student and a member of the track team. They are also not believed to be students of Polytechnic High which was the rival team at the evenings football game.

Two other men were also hit in the shootings, but are expected to survive.

Bail for Davis and Vinson is set at $3 million.

Just look at these two young men. They look so young. It appears they did not know Ms. Ross. What were they thinking? Where were their parents? Now this beautiful and talented young woman, Melody Ross, is gone. It makes me sick. Read my original reporting on Melody here.

Update 11-17-09:

Both Vinson and Love have pleaded not guilty to charges of the muder of Melody Ross. Authorities believe that Vinson and Love were members a gang, and along with Ms. Ross hit two other unidentified men. The two men are believed to members of a rival gang, and are thought to the be real targets.