Bill O’Reilly Judge Napolitano: Napolitano on Acts of War, Constitution, KSM

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Constitutional attorney, says that the Islamic terrorism perpetrated against this country is not a legal “act of war.” He bases his opinion on the fact that al-Qaeda is not a government. Of course, there was no “declaration of war,” as there was in WWII.

In this argument, there must be a way to acknowledge the fact that this religion of Islam is also a government, and that government governs the religion. Nothing is done without the sanction of Islam, and Islam sanctions jihad.

For all the many peaceful Muslims living in the U.S. who do not want to hear this, who go to their neighborhood mosque and hear no radical ranting – would never think of a violent act against anyone, the fact is, if you wanted to be a jihadist, Islam will support you. Not the locals – who want to live peacefully in America, raise their children here, educate them, and live the American dream…but if you want to be a jihadist, again the Koran will support you. It’s a problem for you and problem for us.

I think Judge Napolitano is right. I also think the Founders would not have thought of this reality we are living today. We need to fix it.

Bill O’Reilly and Judge Andrew Napolitano on Acts of War and the Constitution (video)