Army Psychs Hasan: Army Schools Hasan on Islam: Hasans Islam 101

Get this. The Army tried to teach Major Nidal Hasan about Islam. Supervisors at Walter Reed Army hospital say Hasan had a “growing preoccupation with religion and war,” and they thought they could diminish that focus by taking him to school on Islam. Breaking this moment from FOX News: Hasan will be charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder.

Nidal Hasan was ordered to:

…attend a university lecture series on Islam, the Middle East and
terrorism, according to a Walter Reed staff member familiar with
Hasan’s medical training.

The psychiatric staff at Walter Reed did not discuss kicking him out of
the service, according to the staff member. In fact, Hasan was
initially considered a good medical school candidate because he had
spent time as an enlisted soldier and had cared for his siblings after
his parents died, both attributes that supervisors believed indicated
he had a healthy work ethic. 

A very interesting quote in this article from an unknown Walter Reed staff member:

He seems to want to do work in an area no one knows anything about,”
the staff member, who also requested anonymity because he had not been
authorized to speak publicly, said of the order. “You don’t want to
close him down just because it’s different.”

From this quote, we see the Army needs to school non-Muslims on exactly what the Koran demands. It is critical that staff know how jihadists think. Here we have a staff admitting  “they know nothing” about Islam, yet tries to psych-out a radical. Unbelievable!

Hasan went to Islam 101 courtesy the U.S. Army “late last year or early this year.” The Army’s psychiatric staff “discussed Hasan’s lack of productivity,” due to his extreme immersion, and:

“constant interest in Muslims whose religious beliefs conflicted with their military duties.”

Notice that Hasan didn’t kill any “conflicted” Muslims.

Hasan came to the attention of two joint terrorism task forces in
December 2008, as he corresponded by e-mail with Anwar al-Aulaqi [al-Alwaki], a
U.S. citizen and Islamic spiritual leader residing in Yemen who has
exhorted followers to pursue violent jihad, or holy war.

A Defense
Department analyst on one of the task forces concluded that the chatter
was innocent and in keeping with Hasan’s research interests, two
government officials said this week.

Only “government officials” steeped in politically correct ignorance stupidity could believe corresponding with al-Alwaki, whom they describe as a jihadist, is “innocent” and “research” based. The deaths of 14 innocents should haunt them.

Hasan’s aunt continues to say that her nephew tried to be discharged from the Army, but officials say that never happened.

In a further indication that Hasan was not actively seeking formal
discharge, he was evaluated by an Army promotion board in the spring of
2008 that endorsed his performance as an officer as patriotic, and
elevated him from the rank of captain to major, a promotion that took
place in May 2009, according to the official. 

Officers who “have a remaining service obligation” will not be released. Hasan fit that category. Hasan let authorities know who he was. When will this country begin profiling a person’s actions?

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