Antonio Gramsci Model for Cultural Marxist Revolution in America

Cultural Revolution in America, originally published at American Daughter

By Gwendolyn Kik

Antonio Gramsci was an Italian marxist who made a plan for the insidious erosion of freedom without overt hostility.

Antonio Gramsci

Socialism is precisely the religion that must
overwhelm Christianity. … In the new order, Socialism will triumph by
first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities,
churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.
~~ Antonio Gramsci, 1915

Antonio Gramsci was an Italian marxist, who sought to explain
exactly why the revolution predicted by Marx had not yet materialized.
His conclusion was that the church and the values held by the people
were the deterrent. While in prison Gramsci wrote extensively, laying
out plans for the overthrow of a capitalistic society. Rather than
overtaking the political and economic system by force, his strategy was
more subtle and sinister.

The first step, in Gramsci’s view, is to transform the ideology of
the people. His means include using education, the media, and setting
up separate organizations whose goal is to manipulate the masses into
mindsets that are receptive to marxist ideals. Once
traditional/Christian mores have been corrupted and the nuclear family
destroyed, the citizens of society will be willing to accept the “new
ideas” of the progressive leadership without question.

The second prong of Gramsci’s approach is then, using the democratic
process itself, to overtake the government by the will of the people.
Where Marx called for defiant “revolution” from the bottom up, the
revolution of Gramsci is a top-down model whereby leaders with marxist
ideology infiltrate the political parties and enforce their will upon
the people.

While many conservatives have been discussing Saul Alinsky and the
influence he has had on the current administration, I believe Alinsky
only lays out some general guidelines for achieving “social justice.”
Gramsci’s model is very specific, global, and extremely relevant to our
current political climate in the United States.

Some of the policies and tactics of the Obama Administration have
seemed indefensible and unexplainable, even by members of the
Democratic party. Our answer to the recession is to spend more money?
Asking the news networks to disregard Fox News as a “legitimate” news
source? Ramming through health care legislation that is opposed by the
majority of American citizens?

None of this seems to make sense … until you are introduced to Antonio Gramsci. I’m anxiously devouring the book Shadow World
by Robert Chandler. Chandler is a retired veteran who has been a
strategist for the Air Force, the White House, the Departments of
State, Defense, Energy, and Justice, and the CIA. Chandler’s book is
NOT about President Obama, but actually about the subtle takeover by
communist thought in America since the 1920s and the progressive plan
for our future.

Chandler lays out the history and migration of communists from
Russia coming to America early in the 20th century with plans for
transforming our society. These very players clung to the pattern laid
out by Gramsci, and began to set up well-funded, non-profit entities to
further their goals. These are organizations for affecting public
policy, infiltrating and overcoming the university classrooms, changing
the economy and creating government dependents, for affecting law
through lobbying and legal action and a host of other “fronts” for
communist activity.

Many of these organizations exist today, long shedding the labels of
“marxist” or “communist” thought. Instead, their agenda is cloaked in
the idea of “social justice” or “liberation.” The titles of these
organizations sound so wonderful: Center for Constitutional Rights, National Lawyers Guild, Fellowship of Reconciliation, or the Center for National Security Studies. But their very existence is due, in part, to the foundation of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), which was formed in 1963, and continues to found such leftist organizations.

The Institute for Policy Studies was founded by Samuel Rubin, a
dedicated communist, and Phillip Stern (with family members indicted of
spying for the Soviets) and is located in Washington, D.C. This
think-tank has long beed dedicated to the establishment of a socialist
society in America. To further this effort, Rubin and Stern later
created the Transnational Institute
(TNI) to carry the vision to the world at large. While it is difficult
to find a stand-alone Mission Statement for these organizations, such
terms as “effective action,” “just security,” “social equity,” and
“environmental solutions” to protect the “commons,” are a thinly veiled
disguise for promoting their one-world marxist utopia through arms
reduction, green justice, worldwide wealth re-distribution and a host
of other “effective solutions.”
Shadow World lays out the framework that has been pursued by IPS and TNI, a.k.a. the strategy of Antonio Gramsci:

Ten steps toward an American progressive-socialist-marxist civil society:

1. change the popular consensus by destroying christianity, the traditional family, and existing social mores

2. transform the culture by installing a radical Left mind control

3. attain political power by imposing strict control of the military and law enforcement

4. restrict freedom by socializing the economy

5. erase American sovreignty by embracing a world without borders

6. attain political power by winning democratic elections

7. dominate both Houses of Congress

8. restrict freedom of the press and expression

9. enforce a massive redistribution of wealth from the private and public sector

10. limit freedom of speech, religion, right to bear arms, and state’s rights

From p.309, Shadow World, by Robert Chandler

Mind you, this book was published in 2008, so there is no way that Chandler could have foreseen the extent to which President Obama’s agenda would so closely follow the Gramsci pattern. When you look at this list, do you not see a representation of the ideology driving the Obama Administration? To what end are we reaching?

Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is indeed part of Barack Obama’s philosophy. But Rules for Radicals merely gives the day to day solutions for facing conflict on the road to revolution. Antonio Gramsci provides us with the larger picture of transformation — from capitalism to progressive-socialism-marxism. Alinsky shows us how to drive the car, but Gramsci shows us the map of where we have been, where we are and where we are going. God help us, for where we are going.

Please share and recommend this book and
information to anyone who will listen. These are historical facts that
explain current events in no uncertain terms. We must be aware, we must
be vigilant, we must be prayerful for the protection of our freedoms
and for the future of the United States of America.