Rachel Maddow Frank Schaeffer: Right Wing Call for Violence

Rachel Maddow and Frank Schaeffer ignore their own loaded guns: See video below and see if you can spot the hypocrisy:

Rachel Maddow

“Legitimate debate? Coded messages? Dog whistles? White middle-age American males, who have had a kind of a middle-age collapse, misinformed, right-wing white people, not terribly bright people…raise their holy hands in horror…the election broke their brain…hate mongers leaving a loaded gun on the table. Not just a question of bad journalists, bad Americans…”

Bush is the disease, Death is the cure
Bush the only dope worth shooting
Hitler/Poland = Bush/Iraq
Jail Bush
Kill terrorists, bomb their houses, kill Bush, bomb his house
Christian Terrorist Pigs
I’m here to kill Bush. Shoot me.
Israel plus Bush = Hitler
Stop Bush Terrorism

The filmmaker, Paul Williams, says:

This video has everything to do with demonstrating media bias and nothing to do with supporting Bush.

Liberal Media Hypocrisy Test (video)

Thanks to Always on Watch via Casting Pearls Before Swine