Major Garrett Charles Krauthammer: White House Bars Major Garrett Fox News

Can it get anymore bizarre or undemocratic or unAmerican, than the Obama White House? Barack Obama tried to keep FOX News’ Major Garrett from a White House press pool interview with Ken Feinberg. Coverage of the White House usually happens through a press pool of 5 news organizations. The big House called the press pool and offered-up Ken Feinberg, Obama pay Czar, for an interview by everyone in the pool…but FOX’sMajor Garrett.

The remaining 4 bureau chiefs told the White House their reporters would not interview Feinberg unless FOX was allowed to, as well, and the White House caved.

Barack Obama following in the steps of Hugo Chavez and worse. After the announcement that the administration does not consider FOX a news outlet, and encourages other networks to dismiss anything coming out of FOX, ark October 22, 2009 as the first day of a full public assault on freedom of speech by a sitting U.S. president.

Major Garrett Barred from White House, Charles Krauthammer Fox News (video)