Liz Wiehl Obama Natural Born Status: Congress Investigated Obama Natural Born Status

Last night, attorney Liz Wiehl appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s The Factor. The discussion was about attorney Orly Taitz’ $20,000 fine for a frivolous lawsuit seeking to have Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate released. I was shocked to hear Wiehl say that Congress has “investigated” Barack Obama’s natural born status. I’m asking when, and who, investigated, where is the report, and how does Wiehl know this? See video below.

Liz Wiehl

She makes other irresponsible claims about “birthers” that she does not back up, and O’Reilly is clueless in his constant reminders that Obama is natural born – again with nothing to back it up. When O’Reilly tells his audience “we” have investigated, and Obama is natural born citizen – I want to smack him. He says “we” have seen the birth certificate, but he never engages in a full discussion of what is really known or not known. Let’s have that full discussion, Bill.

I do not believe Bill O’Reilly has seen Obama’s long-form birth certificate, and I certainly do not believe Congress has investigated. If someone knows differently I hope they come forward.

You’ll see in the video below that O’Reilly asks all the wrong questions. Notice that this conversation asserts that the Obama administration loves the focus on the birth certificate. The problem is, this should have been solved before there was an Obama administration – an arrogant administration, according to O’Reilly.

The questions should be: Who has seen Obama’s long-form birth certificate? Why has Obama not released his long-form birth certificate? Why does Congress not always vet a presidential candidate, as they did John McCain?

Bill O’Reilly Obama Natural Born Status